About Us

Welcome to Speed Loop 2000! My name is Harrison Douglas and I am the blogger of this website. I’m glad that you made it to my about page! I’m a graduate of IT and currently studying computer science at MIT. I really love tinkering computers and networks. Since I was a child, when I first saw a personal computer, it began to fascinate me. It’s really wonderful at the time and slowly I learned how to write computer programs. Today, I have my own computer repair shop and internet café and I also do some freelance programming tasks.

This website is just another of my products. I have created numerous sites before and this one is the latest. However, this one is would be my favorite I think. Why, you ask? This is because this website will contain my passion, my love and my life: computers and internet. My passion drove me to establish Speed Loop 2000.

Now, what’s in for me, you ask? Well, a lot of things, especially because you might be browsing this website using a computer. You will open new wonders about computers and the internet every time you click a link inside this website. You’ll say “ooh and aah” each time you read my posts because you’ll learn something new about the device and medium (the internet FYI) that you use daily. Basically, this website will let you learn more about PCs and computer as well as the internet. This’ll make you a computer geek!

Most of the time, the topic will be around latest PC innovation, internet happenings, major events that surrounds anything that has something to do with internet and computer.


Happy browsing,
Harrison Douglas